Plaster Patching in Seattle

Since 1924, homeowners, businesses, and commercial establishments alike have relied upon J.J.Jefferson & Son for qualified plaster patching in Seattle.

Repairing plaster walls requires skill and expertise. J.J.Jefferson & Son has years of training in plaster repairs from small projects to more extensive jobs. Many people assume they can complete any needed plaster patch repairs by themselves, but attempting this often leads to further damage and an unsightly appearance.

It is essential in order to complete any plaster patching job that only the best materials and products are applied, along with the most effective techniques.

Before starting any repair work, J.J.Jefferson & Son will ensure that whatever caused the damage has been identified. If the cause of the damage is not rectified, there may be reoccurring issues that become present at a later time which will result in further repairs.

If you are looking for a reliable plaster patching in Seattle, call J.J.Jefferson now at (206)202-9500 to schedule a free consultation. A certified contractor will visit your home or business to determine the cause of the damage. We have a reputation of providing the best service at the most affordable price throughout Western Washington.