Plaster Patch Repair in Everett

Plaster Patch Repair in Everett

For professional and affordable plaster patch repair in Everett, contact the experienced plaster specialists at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. We have effectively served the plaster industry throughout the Puget Sound and nearby vicinities since 1924. Our wide-ranging register of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

If you have become annoyed by discovering a crack or hole in your plaster, it is essential to commence repair quickly to keep the damage from covering the entire wall. Overlooking the problem may lead to considerable structural issues and necessitate a great deal more expense. A simple plaster patch is much better than the complete demolition of an entire wall of plaster and then its re-application.

Plaster difficulties may be the ill-fated result of several factors. Inappropriate installation methods by novice technicians, moisture permeation from a roof or plumbing leak, indentations from furniture and door knobs, nail holes and unexpected foundation shifts all cause plaster damage that can range from a minor issue to a much more complex one. Water and foundation concerns must first be remedied by experts in those subjects to ensure that a plaster patch does not simply conceal a much larger and more expensive dilemma.

If the plaster in your home, business or commercial development needs refurbishment, consult Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today for the best plaster patch repair in Everett. Call us at (206) 202-9500 to discuss your plaster situation with one of our knowledgeable contractors. Let the professionals deal with your plaster restoration to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful façade.


We Love Our Customers!

The best in town! I hired another contractor who was super nice, and tried his best, but the finished product just was not the top quality we were looking for. Enter JJ Jefferson & Son! They made the plaster perfectionl!! I could not be happier. They are the only plasterer we will ever use again. So, so delighted and pleased!

Great to work with and they did a fantastic job!!!

Awesome company to work for! Every person I have worked with has a great personality and moral principles. As an apprentice, I have already learned so much from each person because of their skill and talent for plaster and stucco work. Look forward to becoming a journeyperson and growing with this company!

The team from JJ Jefferson & Sons Inc did outstanding plastering work in our home! We are very pleased with their work quality, timeliness, site management, cleanliness, and client communications throughout our project. We highly recommend JJ Jefferson & Sons!

Without question this company is the best we've ever experienced. They did a wonderful job. It turned out that there was more water damage than we thought but they got in there took care of the problem efficiently and were very fair in their pricing. I cant say enough good things about them. Best money we've ever spent on home repairs!

These guys are awesome, super friendly and experienced with pretty much any stucco work you could ever need. They've completed tons of projects (big and small) in the area. If you're in the market for plaster, stucco or EIFS, I highly recommend giving Joseph J Jefferson a try.

Great work!