Plaster Patch Repair in Bellevue

For your plaster patch repair in Bellevue, contact the professionals at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. We have been experts in the plaster industry throughout the Puget Sound since 1924. Our extensive directory of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

It can be frustrating to discover a crack or hole in your plaster but it is necessary to begin repair as soon as possible to keep the damage from spreading through the entire wall. Ignoring the problem may cause significant structural issues and require even more expense. The cost of a straightforward patch is much preferred to demolition of the plaster on a whole wall and then re-application of the plaster.

Plaster problems may be the unfortunate result of several factors. Improper installation by inexperienced technicians, moisture penetration from a plumbing or roof leak, dings from furniture and door knobs, nail holes and foundation shifts all cause unsightly marring of the plaster. It is important to note that water and foundation issues must first be addressed by experts in those fields to ensure that a plaster patch does not simply provide a bandage to a much larger predicament.

If the plaster in your home, business or large commercial development requires repair, consult with the best plaster patch repair in Bellevue company in your area. Call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to talk with one of our skilled contractors regarding your plaster concerns. We look forward to restoring your plaster wall to its former seamless and sophisticated beauty.