Patcing Stucco in Tacoma

Whether a property is residential or commercial, a notable stucco façade not only has a cultured and classic appearance but is remarkably long-lasting, energy efficient and has moisture and fire retardant capabilities. Nevertheless, systematic weather fluctuations, unintended collision and predictable aging practices can result in stucco surface damage. It is essential to resolve these problems quickly to conserve the solidity of the building. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. continues to be stucco industry professionals in the Western Washington locale, having been in the business since 1924. Our certified service providers have extensive preparation in patching stucco in Tacoma and throughout the Puget Sound.

After we carefully scrutinize your stucco injury, we will furnish you with a reasonable estimate that includes all materials and labor necessary for renovation. Thin fissures demand a specific stucco repair compound that promotes effective bonding to the existing surface, while larger and deeper cavities require a more elaborate procedure that encompasses repair or replacement of the mesh below and several coats of stucco patch.

In all stucco restoration circumstances, our contractors guarantee a seamless merger with the current stucco color and design.

For the best and most long-term results, it is crucial that you contact experienced contractors for patching stucco in Tacoma at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. Call us today at (206) 202-9500 to schedule your appointment for a stucco appraisal at your home or business. We look forward to restoring your stucco cladding to its unique and seamless grandeur and promise your total approval with the project