Patching Stucco Walls in Tacoma

Unintended impact with stucco walls can regrettably leave distasteful gouges and scrapes in the surface. Eliminating a door or window also necessitates a stucco patch. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has been patching stucco walls in Tacoma and other scenes throughout Western Washington since 1924.

Stucco cladding for a dwelling or business is an astute choice for several reasons. Not only is it outwardly appealing but its endurance, strength, fire retardant ability and energy efficiency make stucco a shrewd overall investment. There are a few situations, nonetheless, that can result in stucco harm and disintegration as the exterior matures. Since stucco is somewhat rigid, it is vulnerable to cracking during arid periods. Moisture inundation can cause additional problems like peeling paint, blisters and mold and mildew.

Our capable stucco technicians will attentively inspect your stucco damage and offer an all-inclusive quote for restoration work. We can repair small, thin cracks with a specialized acrylic caulking compound. Longer and deeper cracks usually call for a premixed stucco patch composite applied in several fine layers. Slashes require a more elaborate treatment that involves riddance of loose stucco, exchange of damaged mesh and builder’s paper and successive coats of stucco that are mixed on location. All procedures produce a flawless stucco surface that has skilled color and texture matching.

Consult with the technicians at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to schedule your evaluation for professional patching stucco walls in Tacoma. We look forward to providing positive restoration of your stucco façade.