Patching Plaster Walls in Everett

For those unfortunate indentations and repugnant cracks that spoil the surface of your attractive plaster walls, contact the professionals who have been patching plaster walls in Everett since 1924. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has an exceptional reputation throughout the Puget Sound population for reasonable and dependable plaster restoration. We have worked hard to build a long list of satisfied customers.

The unique components of plaster call for an accomplished technician to complete a faultless repair. It is of the utmost importance to closely evaluate the damaged area and vigilantly tie in the existing plaster color and design so that the façade holds on to its original beauty. Whether your plaster injury is from an unfortunate collision with furniture or door knobs, water penetration, a settling foundation or other difficulty, J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is prepared to offer an accurate estimate and successful refurbishment.

Cracks that are not immediately taken care of will spread all over the rest of the wall so it is necessary to begin repairs as soon as it is feasible. Without intervention the full wall may need replacement with a new plaster surface. This is a much more complex and costly avenue than a straightforward patch project.

For a trustworthy contractor who focuses on patching plaster walls in Everett, call the specialists at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to express your plaster concerns. Our plaster repair quote includes both labor and materials. We look forward to refurbishing your plaster to its original classic appearance.