Patching Plaster Walls in Bellevue

For those unfortunate dings and ugly cracks that mar the surface of your beautiful plaster walls, contact the professionals who have been patching plaster walls in Bellevue since 1924. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has a stellar reputation in the Western Washington community for both affordable and reliable plaster repair. Our long list of satisfied customers, and our projects throughout the Puget Sound speaks for itself.

The unique qualities of plaster require a skilled technician to affect a seamless restoration. It is crucial to effectively evaluate the damaged area and carefully match the existing plaster color and texture so that the façade retains its flawless beauty. Whether your plaster injury is due to accidental impact from furniture or door knobs, moisture penetration, furniture, a settling foundation or other malady, J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is well-equipped to provide an accurate evaluation and expert refurbishment.

Cracks that are left unattended will spread to the rest of the wall so it is important to begin repair work as soon as possible. Without proper intervention the entire wall may need to be replaced with new plaster. This is a much more invasive and expensive avenue than a simple patch project.

For a reliable contractor who specializes in patching plaster walls in Bellevue, call the office of Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. today at (206) 202-9500 to speak to one of our contractors about your plaster concerns. Our estimate for plaster repair includes labor and materials and contains no hidden charges. We look forward to restoring your plaster to its original sophisticated appearance.