Patching Plaster Cracks in Tacoma

For long-lasting beauty and sophistication in an older building or new construction, plaster walls and ceilings cannot be beat. Private homes and commercial properties alike can take advantage of the elegant features of plaster façades. Concerns may occur, however, when fissures become visible to ruin the allure of the surface. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. is your Western Washington leader for patching plaster cracks in Tacoma. We have numerous years of experience with all sorts of plaster restoration work throughout the Puget Sound.

Our accomplished contractors have completed plaster schemes ranging from small residences to large business investments. We have amassed a wide-ranging list of patrons who have been satisfied with our plaster services. J. J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has earned a reputation of distinction in the plaster industry.

Plaster cracks may take shape from introduction to too much moisture, as in a roof or plumbing leak. Cracks may also stem from a building’s foundation shift. The strong plaster surface cannot balance these changes to contain the situation. In addition, plaster can crack due to imperfect installation. Whatever causes your plaster cracks, it is essential to have them inspected quickly so that they do not expand and cause more compound and expensive damage.

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has specialists who are knowledgeable about patching plaster cracks in Tacoma. Have a word with one of our consultants at (206) 202-9500 to schedule your plaster crack assessment. We are confident that our contractors can lend support to help you with your plaster restoration requirements.