Patching Cracks in Plaster in Everett

Older residences and commercial properties often include the charm of plaster walls and ceilings. This stylish façade not only enhances the architectural splendor of the structure but provides instant visual appeal. As time goes by, however, problems can arise. Unattractive cracks can develop throughout the plaster. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. can help you with this situation. We have been patching cracks in plaster in Everett since 1924 and have served the Puget Sound region with cost-effective and reliable plaster restoration services.

Several adverse complications may lead to plaster cracks. There may be structural shifts, unwarranted dampness from leaking roofs and plumbing or gouges from accidental collisions that mar the surface of the plaster to create cracks of all sizes. Ignoring these problems can cause these cracks to spread and result in more complex damage that may necessitate complete replacement of a wall or ceiling.

Immediate attention to repair will often avoid such costly and complicated work. Since plaster has a unique and rigid composition, only skilled professionals like those at J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. should be contacted for refurbishment.

Our certified and specially trained contractors supply a precise estimate and successful restoration of your plaster walls or ceiling in a reasonable time frame. With decades of experience in all types of plaster projects throughout Western Washington, we have gained a reputation for excellence.

Proficiency and expertise are necessary to properly patch plaster cracks. Call the professionals at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500 to schedule an appointment for patching cracks in plaster in Everett.