Patching a Plaster Wall in Seattle

No matter how big or small a crack is, J.J.Jefferson & Son provides patching a plaster wall in Seattle services for homeowners, businesses, and commercial properties throughout the Puget Sound.

With exposure to moisture and changes in the temperature, plaster walls begin to develop cracks over time. These cracks are often small in the beginning, and should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. As time goes by, these cracks begin to grow and if left un-repaired, can become more expensive to fix. J.J.Jefferson & Son can restore the wall quickly and properly before more significant issues develop.

Our attention to detail and extraordinary service will leave you satisfied with our work guaranteed. We have a long list of satisfied customers and have served the Western Washington community for decades.  The J.J. Jefferson & Son specialty contractors have extensive hands on experienced with plaster, and are knowledgeable about how to complete a project the correct way.

A cracked plaster wall does not create a good impression and will cause further long term damage.  Seek the assistance of the craftsmen who specialize in patching a plaster wall in Seattle. Call J.J.Jefferson now at (206)202-9500 and speak to a consultant.