Patch Repair Plaster in Tacoma

Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has both capable and reliable technicians to patch repair plaster in Tacoma and other locations throughout the Puget Sound. Our company has served the area since 1924 and has fulfilled projects of all architectural styles and sizes. We are proud of our first-rate reputation for reasonably priced and dependable plaster repair. We can conclude plaster restoration from the smallest homes to the largest commercial endeavors. We can handle all types of simple and complicated plaster work.

To patch a plaster ceiling or wall in your residence or business, we will conduct a methodical evaluation of the damage incurred. If the plaster issue is due to water access or a foundation shift, we will propose that you first resolve these situations with specialists in those industries before we attempt a repair to make certain the main problem is addressed. A plaster patch will not cling to the area if dampness continues to wet the plaster or if the structure’s foundation is unsound.

Our record of pleased clients ensures that you will receive high quality service by contractors who are authorities in the plaster trade. We undergo continuous training and current certification to apply all manner of plaster work, from patches to demolition and re-installation. Our technicians are happy to provide seamless patches that match the existing color and texture of your plaster.

To schedule your personal appointment for patch repair plaster in Tacoma, call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206) 202-9500 today. We guarantee your approval with our plaster renovation.