Patch Plaster Wall in Seattle

J.J.Jefferson is a specialist, and can help to patch plaster wall in Seattle and is conveniently located in Western Washington. Our technicians offer collective decades of experience in specialty contractor services including plaster application and patching.

Plaster is challenging to apply and repair correctly unless completed by professionals in their industry. J.J. Jefferson has extensive knowledge of plaster characteristics and patching and application process to ensure the most successful results possible. We have spent our careers focusing on plaster services and have completed projects as small as homes, and as large as commercial properties.

If applied properly in the beginning patch plaster can last for years upon years upon years. J.J.Jefferson & Son specializes in patch plaster wall install and repair in Seattle and can help with your next project regardless of its scope.

It is essential that when a crack or hole in plaster is discovered, that the issue be corrected immediately.  Further delay in patching and corrective action can result in more significant and expensive damage to the structure and foundation.

For professionals who can patch plaster wall in Seattle including installation and repair call (206)202-9500 to speak to J.J.Jefferson & Son. We look forward to providing excellent service and attention to detail with each project we complete.