Patch Plaster Wall in Bellevue

For superior plaster wall repair services, contact Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. Our company can assist to patch plaster wall in Bellevue and are located in Western Washington. We have served the area since 1924 and have accumulated an extensive list of satisfied customers. Our specially trained and knowledgeable technicians offer decades of experience in specialty contractor services that include plaster application and patch work.

While a classic and sophisticated surface for walls and ceilings, and typically seen in older buildings, plaster can be challenging to add to an existing surface and repair. Proper application and restoration are best completed by professionals in the industry. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has the technicians with the skill and expertise required to successfully install and refurbish plaster façades. No matter how large or small your residence or commercial property may be, we are well-equipped to meet all of your plaster needs.

Plaster was designed to last for many years and usually exhibits no problems. If, however, damage should occur from a foundation shift, moisture penetration or accidental blows, our contractors can supply a repair that flawlessly matches the current plaster color and texture on a wall or ceiling.

For the best patch plaster wall in Bellevue repair in the Puget Sound area, call (206) 202-9500 to talk with the experts at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. We will be happy to schedule a private consultation and evaluation of your plaster damage situation and provide a hassle-free estimate for repair. Trust your investment to our specialists.