Get More From an Experienced EIFS Company in Lake Stevens

Get More From an Experienced EIFS Company in Lake Stevens

February 17, 2016  

EIFS Company in Lake Stevens

One can almost feel the excitement in the air. It won’t be long now before the snow is gone and the weather is decent enough to start those long awaited building projects or renovations. No matter if it is a commercial or residential project, to many, the planning stages seem to take longer than the renovations itself. This being said, it is important of course to ensure all relevant research on products to be used is completed correctly. When considering the type of exterior cladding to be used on a project, contact an experienced EIFS company in Lake Stevens.

When studying all of the different options for an exterior finish on a home or commercial building, an individual is going to take a number of factors into consideration. These factors may include practicality, cost efficiency, durability, flexibility, serviceability and of course uniqueness.

Not only does EIFS or exterior insulating finishing systems meet and or exceed the above criteria, it carries with it a very high energy efficiency rating as well.

Being different or unique may not sound much like criteria for a project such as the siding for a home or building but those that have never witnessed the installation of EIFS may consider it to be somewhat of a talent. The seemingly complex system of panels certainly reveals its uniqueness. Its durable and flexible ability to take on any number of colors, shapes and textures also adds to its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The low maintenance and easy serviceability of EIFS certainly fits into the category of cost efficiency.

To learn more about this high efficient exterior cladding for your next project, contact an experienced EIFS company in Lake Stevens; call Joseph J. Jefferson and Son today at (206)202-9500. You won’t be disappointed.