Experienced Stucco Repair in Seattle

Experienced Stucco Repair in Seattle

April 9, 2015  

Stucco has got to be one of the most durable, versatile products used as an exterior cladding or interior ceiling covering in commercial and residential buildings on the market today. If installed by a professional company with the quality, experience and expertise the home or building deserves, stucco can last for a good number of years. Unfortunately however, stucco is subject to the same wear and tear as any other product. When used as an exterior cladding it is prone to constant exposure to various weather patterns, the shifting or settling of a building foundation or maybe even the back drop of an inexperienced, teenaged vehicle driver parking way too close to the building. All of these things can cause chipping or cracking to the stucco which will require a company experienced with stucco repair in Seattle.

Stucco Repair in Seattle

Whether fixing large or small cracks, holes or chips on the exterior of a home or commercial building, having a professional complete the required repairs can save a great deal of time and money. Utilizing the right tools, ingredients and color matching, a certified stucco repair company can ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently the first time.

Repairing the water damaged portion of a stucco ceiling in a home or commercial building may also be best suited for a professional. Depending on the severity of damage a plaster patch may be required before the stucco is installed. Hiring an experienced professional will ensure the texture is consistent with the remainder of the home or office, blending it together nicely.

If you are looking for experienced stucco repair in Seattle for either the interior or exterior of your commercial or residential property, give Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. a call today at (206)202-9500. The experience you can trust, the quality you deserve.