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Experienced is Required From a Venetian Stucco Installation Company in Mercer Island

February 3, 2016  

When individuals design their own home or commercial property, several factors are taken into consideration. These considerations may include, who they are, how they want to portray themselves to others, the quality of services that may be offered and the respect of their guests and clients. Practicality also plays a role in the choice of materials being used; efficiency, costs and area weather patterns may fall under this category. When looking to stand out among others with a mix of elegance, beauty and professionalism, consider the experience of a Venetian stucco installation company in Mercer Island.

Venetian Stucco Installation Company in Mercer Island

Venetian stucco will certainly provide the unique look and professional aura being sought for any commercial or residential property. Being as unique as it is, Venetian stucco requires an equally exclusive individual person or company to ensure correct installation.

Achieving the desired results, be it rustic matte, satin finish, high sheen, low sheen, intricate textured appearance or multi-colored, it all requires the skilled, steady hand of experience. Seemingly simple procedures such as holding a trowel at the appropriate angle can be the determining factor of how things will turn out.

The finickiness of Venetian stucco doesn’t end here by any means. Whether used on the interior or the exterior of a building project, this product is touted as being extremely water resistant. From the drying times between the skim coat and the texture coat applications to how much pressure is required at each stage of the process, it is imperative that it be installed flawlessly in order to maintain its efficiency.

For more information regarding the experience required from a Venetian stucco installation company in Mercer Island, give us a call today at Joseph J. Jefferson and Son, (206)202-9500. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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