Experienced EIFS Repair in Everett

Experienced EIFS Repair in Everett

June 3, 2015  

As with any other exterior commercial or residential cladding, cleaning, upkeep and general maintenance of your EIFS, (exterior insulation finishing system) is required to ensure longevity. The installer of the system would have no doubt explained the cleaning process to the owner of the property at the time of installation. If a new owner is unaware of this process, a consultation with an experienced EIFS installer is recommended. Over time, when cleaning or conducting a general inspection of the exterior of the property, it is possible to discover small cracks in the finish. This is typically caused by movement or settling of the substrate or foundation. To ensure these small cracks don’t turn into big cracks, or worse, it is important to contact an experienced EIFS repair company in Everett as soon as possible.

EIFS Repair in Everett

Regardless whether it is a small crack in what appears to be the finish of the cladding or a larger area, damaged by weather or some other means, an EIFS repair technician must determine the exact cause of the damage. Understanding the cause and the extent of any damage will enable the repairs to be completely correctly.

On a closer inspection, a professional, experienced EIFS repair will be able to determine if the damage created or was caused by water penetration or improper installation.

A small, simple crack may be able to be repaired using the proper sealant providing not only a weather seal but stress relief in the location of the crack. For cracks found at the corners of doors, windows or air conditioners and larger damaged areas, the repairs will consist of removing the affected area and replacing it with new material.

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