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June 18, 2015  

EIFS (exterior insulating finishing systems) is quickly proving to be a formidable choice of commercial and residential cladding for a number of reasons. These reasons may include but not limited to: Its flexibility in design Its energy efficiency Its durability Its low environmental impact With any home or commercial building, old or new, great construction and installation workmanship along with exceptional regular maintenance can minimize any potential problems that may arise in the near or far future of the structure. EIFS is no different. The above listed qualities can only be validated if the installation is done correctly and regular service is maintained. Whether inquiring about EIFS installation or are in need of maintenance of a current system, exceptional EIFS service is available in Bellevue. As with any residential or commercial installation, regular service is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of EIFS. Cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dirt will see the cladding keep its aesthetically pleasing appearance. A complete inspection should include but not be limited to: the drainage system checking a clear path for moisture any flashing, ensuring proper water redirection the cladding itself for any cracks or impact damage If any concerns are apparent and require immediate attention, this same service will be able to conduct the necessary repairs. Repairs and replacement of EIFS can be completed quickly, affordably, and typically with less material than other cladding. The importance of servicing exterior insulating systems cannot be stressed enough. With regular service, the life span of EIFS can be extended well beyond its expected years. For more information regarding exceptional EIFS service in Bellevue, give us a call today at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, (206)202-9500. We put our experience to work for you!

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