EIFS System Installation, Service & Repair in Everett

For long-lasting EIFS system installation, service and repair in Everett, get in touch with specialists in the exterior insulation and finish system industry. Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. has served Puget Sound and nearby locations since 1924 with quality EIFS service and repair work. Over the years, we have accrued many customers who have been satisfied with the projects we have completed for them.

EIFS is an artificial stucco material that is added to the exterior of a building in three layers that include a base foam board, mesh and a rigid outer coating that comes in varied colors, textures and designs. It is more pliable than conventional stucco, does not weigh as much and resists cracks and buckling. Due to the unique make-up of this exterior finish, the surface must be installed by the professionals at our company who have extensive experience and training in its application.

As with any home exterior, standard maintenance is necessary to make sure that the EIFS keeps its striking façade and energy efficient capability. If damage is discovered, we can quickly identify the problem and keep it from spreading. If dampness penetrates the EIFS by way of a leaking gutter or roof or a hole from unintentional impact appears, the contractors at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. can handle the restoration in a timely manner.

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