EIFS Service & Repair in Seattle

EIFS Service & Repair in Seattle

June 10, 2014  

EIFS Service & Repair in SeattleWhile many new homes have been built originally using EIFS, many older residential properties have been retrofitted with EIFS as an upgrade later down the line. If considering the application of EIFS, it’s necessary to understand the importance of proper installation and preventative inspections, to maintain the same appearance and functionality for years down the road.

EFIS is commonly referred to as synthetic stucco as it has a visual resemblance to that of stucco. It can be used for residential and commercial buildings alike, on all types and sizes of structures and in any part of the country. EIFS is essentially an exterior covering for structures as insulation and finishing system that provides effective thermal insulation.

As a building ages, and is exposed to the elements, rain and UV rays can wreak havoc on EIFS. Along with proper installation, regular maintenance is very important. To an untrained individual, an EIFS wall may appear well sealed and without any flaws. However a thorough inspection by a trained professional is required to discover minor issues which when left untreated can become a much larger problem.

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