EIFS Installation, Service & Repair in Seattle

EIFS does not require painting unlike wood and additional siding materials. Most EIFS systems include a specially formulated 100% acrylic binder making it much more resistant to chalking, fading and yellowing. When installed by a professional trained in EIFS installation, service & repair in Seattle, such as J.J. Jefferson & Son, the system will maintain its original appearance over time through regular inspections.

EIFS has excellent resistance to mold, mildew and dirt. This makes the exterior look clean and freshly painted. If the surface becomes soiled, it can be easily cleaned by hosing it down. Walls often expand as the temperature increases and contract when the temperature falls causing the exterior to crack over a period of time. EIFS systems are highly crack resistant as they are very flexible. The system has enough resilience to absorb building movements caused by the rise and fall in temperatures.

As an exterior surface, EIFS is generally water resistant. However there can be no 100% guarantee against water penetration. Also improper installation can also result in water penetration. While water penetration is uncommon, when it does happen, the area affected can be easily repaired without having to replace the entire cladding. Water penetration should be immediately repaired to prevent the damage from spreading to the unaffected areas. The exterior must be periodically examined for damage.

Most problems homeowners face with EIFS can be traced to improper installation. Contact J.J.Jefferson for qualified EIFS installation, service & repair in Seattle.