EIFS Installation in Seattle

EIFS Installation in Seattle

December 12, 2014  

EIFS Installation in Seattle

(EIFS) Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems are an ever growing architectural landscaping sight throughout residential and commercial neighborhoods. It is important to make sure that the Installation of EIFS is completed correctly, and if not done so, there are hazards that can occur. It is important to be aware of proper EIFS installation in Seattle.

EIFS can be a financial or architectural problem if not installed, and properly maintained. Parts of the U.S. use EIFS for most of their structures, and it has become increasingly popular since its development after WWII. Sporting a wide range of design options many types of businesses use it to give their buildings a unique look. Plus, EIFS provides an effective thermal insulation when used and installed properly.

When properly installed by a trained professionals the EIFS system:

  • Rarely needs painting as the system is colored.
  • Resistant to dirt, mildew and mold.
  • Flexible, making them mostly, crack resistant.
  • Water resistant
  • Can help the building it is covering to be more energy efficient.

To ensure that an EIFS system is installed properly make sure that the company that is hired is a professional, certified EIFS industry member. Request and check their references, ask to see their certificate of insurance, and discuss the warranties available from the manufacturer that the company will use.

Maintenance on EIFS is very important UV rays, rain, age and extreme temperatures can cause wear and tear on a systems exterior and sealed joints. Ensure that maintenance is done regularly, and a properly installed EIFS system will only need to be maintained periodically, one that isn’t will require repairs more often.

J.J.Jefferson & Son is qualified EIFS installation contractor, and will ensure that your installation is done properly. Contact us at (206)202-9500, if you are looking for an EIFS installation in Seattle. Our staff can answer any questions you have, and can schedule you for an appointment today.