EIFS Finish Installation, Service & Repair in Seattle

For EIFS finish installation, service & repair in Seattle, contact J.J. Jefferson.  We have served the Seattle, WA area for decades and are experienced in both large commercial properties as well as residential homes.

Proper installation and service is important for homeowners to enjoy the many architectural and economic advantages that EIFS provides.  Original installation must be completed according to all manufacturer’s specifications in order to yield the best results possible, and to avoid leaks and damage later down the line.

Regular periodic inspections of previously installed EIFS is highly recommended and can identify issues early, before large damage occurs. Taking small preventive measures can result in preserving the visual appeal of the home and keep your EIFS looking new.

J.J.Jefferson has been in business since 1924 and has served the Western Washington area with qualified and affordable service that is done right. If you are looking for EIFS finish installation, service & repair in Seattle, contact J.J.Jefferson today at (206)202-9500. We provide a free consultation and can advise what finish is best for your project.