EIFS Exterior Installation, Service & Repair in Bellevue

Trust Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. for EIFS exterior installation, service and repair in Bellevue. Our experienced company has been serving the Western Washington area since 1924. Exterior Insulation and Finish System or EIFS is also known as synthetic stucco, as it gives the same classic appearance with a lighter weight material.

EIFS is an appropriate external cladding for both residential and commercial use in structures of all sizes and shapes and can be installed over virtually any type of surface. It is energy efficient and less time consuming to put in place than traditional stucco. EIFS is relatively maintenance-free and, with proper care, can provide long-lasting beauty.

Routine periodic inspections are required to ensure a seamless, well-sealed façade. Over time, as with any exterior building surface, problems may occur with EIFS. Excessive moisture from leaking gutters, foliage too close to the edifice or extreme weather conditions may cause EIFS to crack or peel. Unattractive gouges or holes from accidental impact are always a possibility, as well. It is crucial to contact our professional contractors to resolve these minor situations before they spread and cause further damage that can be more expensive to repair.

Our business specializes in skilled application of EIFS for homes and businesses and provides explicit attention to detail and expertise with every project.

To schedule J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. for your EIFS exterior installation, service and repair in Bellevue, call us today at (206) 202-9500. We will be happy to evaluate your situation in a hassle-free consultation.