EIFS Exterior Installation in Bellevue

EIFS Exterior Installation in Bellevue

January 15, 2015  

EIFS Exterior Installation in BellevueFor those of us that own older homes and live in parts of the world that endure the seemingly never ending winter season, we dread the monthly energy bills that appear with more regularity than a warm, snow melting sun. As a result, we are constantly seeking ways to make our homes as energy efficient as possible. When we, as home owners start considering the energy conservation of our homes, many of us think from the inside out. Possibly considering the replacement or upgrading of the existing insulation in the walls. What if we were to start thinking from the outside in? What about thinking more along the lines of EIFS exterior installation in Bellevue?

What is EIFS?

The exterior insulation finishing system, (EIFS) is a durable, insulated cladding system which is attached to the exterior of a building using either adhesive and/or mechanical fasteners to the existing supporting wall surface or substrate. It is non-load bearing, flexible and can come in a number of colors, designs and protected finishing textures taking on the appearance of your choice. Not only will EIFS give your home or commercial building a new and attractive look, it will help in lowering those monthly energy bills.

Product Evaluation

Like most, if not all building materials on the market, EIFS has been tested and researched thoroughly. The results of these researches have suggested that EIFS are top notched in thermal and the control of moisture compared to cement based fiberboard siding, stucco or brick. Of course, this is dependent the exterior insulation finishing system is installed correctly.

Who Installs EIFS?

An EIFS is not a generic blend of commonly used materials but a lightweight synthetic wall cladding with foam plastic insulation and thin layers of synthetic coatings. An exterior insulation finishing system needs to be specifically designed to the structure it is being installed and must be installed as a complete system. Because of its composite and in order for it to work effectively as well as be in compliance with building codes, EIFS should be installed by knowledgeable, highly skilled craftsmen. The good people at Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. are such craftsmen.

Whether you’re ready to build new or make your current home or office more energy efficient, contact J.J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. at (206)202-9500 for information and quotes regarding an exterior insulation finishing system.

J.J. Jefferson & Son offers the service and quality of craftsmanship you deserve for your EIFS exterior installation in Bellevue.