EIFS building installation, service & repair in Seattle

Expert EIFS building installation, service & repair in Seattle is easy to obtain when working with a professional and experienced company such as J.J. Jefferson. EIFS, is applied to finish the exterior of a building, and consists of a polystyrene insulation board.

EIFS is a great system and works well, however like with any other exterior system, also requires regular maintenance and repairs over time. In order to ensure that your system is installed properly and will provide the highest longevity possible, its important to initially have your EIFS system by specialists in their industry. Installation of an EIFS system requires skill and expertise, and must be installed properly by trained professionals in order to be most effective.

There are several types of EIFS including barrier EIFS (or conventional EIFS) and EIFS with drainage, which includes water drainage capabilities.  It is possible that over time for your EIFS system to leak in which case prompt repair is needed before a larger more costly issue occurs. A trained and qualified EIFS repair professional can easily identify the source of water penetration and proceed with any repairs or replacement necessary.

J.J. Jefferson has been in business since 1924 and provided quality EIFS building installation, service & repair in Seattle. Contact us today at (206)202-9500 to learn more about EIFS, or to schedule a hassle free consultation.