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Doing It Right With a Plaster Company in Tacoma

December 9, 2015  

Even if there isn’t anything that requires work, thoughts of improvements are always coming to the minds of  property owners. A relaxing rest in the back yard or in a favorite chair can have a person visualizing changes being made to the interior or exterior of a building; maybe even thoughts of building new. Whether the property is a new build, rebuild, needs renovations, repairs, is a residential or commercial property, it is important to ensure the right product is being used to do the job correctly. When work is to be done on your home or business, contact the plaster company in Tacoma with the quality product and experience to do the job right.

Plaster Company in Tacoma

There was a time when a great deal of homes across the United States had plaster covering the walls either inside, outside or both. Over time, developers, home owners and builders began opting to use a variety of alternative wall coverings on their projects. Drywall it would seem, became the wall covering of choice on the interior and in many cases, vinyl cladding started covering the exteriors of homes.

Although not installed as quickly as various other wall coverings, plaster was indeed a very popular wall covering back in the day and remains just as popular today. The reason for this popularity can be summed up quite simply; durability, flexibility and efficiency.

Durability: It is able to withstand any season of weather be it rain, hail, sleet, snow or sun. It is extensively kid proof when installed on interior walls.

Flexibility: It can be installed on any number of substrates in any shape or form in a variety of textures and virtually any color.

Efficiency: It keeps the cold out during winter and the A/C cool inside during the summer. With integrated paint, no repainting required and cleans up nice with a pressure washer.

For more information about your next project, talk to the plaster company in Tacoma with the quality product and experience to do the job right, call Joseph J. Jefferson & Son today at (206)202-9500.

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