Considerations When Hiring A Professional Stucco Installation Company

Considerations When Hiring A Professional Stucco Installation Company

August 17, 2018  

Considerations When Hiring A Professional Stucco Installation Company

When it comes to siding choices, stucco is something that can provide a wonderful finish when done correctly. Stucco is a type of masonry product that can be used to create a striking exterior that is also extremely durable. If you want to be able to have an exterior finish that is long-lasting, you need to know what should be taken into consideration when hiring the right team for stucco installation in Bellevue.

There are many downfalls to stucco that has not been installed properly. Failing to choose the right team with a good amount of expertise can leave you open to problems with failing stucco, including:

  • Mildew stains that develop on the stucco exterior. There could be mildew that builds on the walls flowing from the corners of windows, above your patio or deck, in the area along the ground, and on the areas of the house where the sun does not shine.
  • Cracking. There can be cracks around the chimney or around the corners of your doors and windows. The cracking will be more noticeable after it rains, as these areas take longer to dry.
  • Other problems may include caulking that comes off around the doors, chimney or windows, stucco that falls off in small pieces, and more.

In order to avoid these common problems, you need to hire the right team fo professionals to get the job done. You not only want to choose a team that has a great deal of experience but you also should have a list of references that you can contact. The right professionals will also be happy to give you the addresses of customers they have worked with to complete stucco installations so that you can stop by in person to view the results.

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