Commercial or Residential EIFS Installation in Seattle

Commercial or Residential EIFS Installation in Seattle

July 2, 2015  

It may seem strange to some discussing commercial and residential insulated cladding at the beginning of the summer season but being prepared for those cooler months on the horizon can save time and money in the long run. Besides, insulation can work both ways; not only will it keep the cold out and the heat in during the colder seasons, it will help keep the heat out and the air conditioning in during the warmer months. With this perspective, any time is a good time to be talking about commercial or residential EIFS installation in Seattle.

EIFS Installation in Seattle

Known for its flexibility of being able to replicate a number of finishes from traditional stucco to brick in virtually any texture and color in just about any design imaginable, exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) is quickly gaining popularity among home builders and commercial developers. Its low maintenance, durability in out performing traditional stucco, aesthetically pleasing nature and most of all, its high energy efficiency rating makes it very popular among home owners and building tenants.

To take advantage of these benefits, the entire system must be installed and maintained correctly meeting building code specifications. This would include having a water drainage combination installed with EIFS systems where required by local building codes. For those wishing to give EIFS installation a go on their own, it should be noted that it may not be without challenges.

Although the process may differ slightly among professionals, the base coats must all be completed without fault for the rest to meet the desired results. Aside from any required drainage system, the vapor barrier should be a continuous spread, the EIFS carefully sanded and leveled, mesh installed and an acrylic base coat applied. When it comes time to apply the finish, the color of choice must be consistent as does the desired texture.

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