Changing the Look of a Home on the Outside

Changing the Look of a Home on the Outside

June 30, 2014  

stucco repair in Seattle

The standard stucco exterior surface on a home is so widespread, most suburban homes are now looking like carbon copies of each other, especially in development where the same model is built every fourth or fifth parcel. J.J. Jefferson provides stucco repair in Seattle and can make your home look unique and brand new again.

The exterior of homes can be changed dramatically by adding a new elevation to the exterior surface. An elevation can be a number of different changes, but it essentially involves adding more texture and appearance surfaces to the exterior walls to spruce up the look of the home.

The most common elevation is a faux rock appearance at key points of the walls and front walkway. But this is not the only one; there are plenty of other choices available. A homeowner just needs to explore the idea and talk about what’s possible for your home with a qualified and trained exterior installer and builder.

For elevation ideas and stucco repair in Seattle region, working with Joseph J. Jefferson & Son, Inc. may very well be an extremely smart idea. Our experience and knowledge of what’s needed to properly change a home and improve its look comes with vast experience of all the tools and techniques to apply the changes as well.

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