Benefits of Residential Stucco in Lake Stevens

Benefits of Residential Stucco in Lake Stevens

September 10, 2015  

Building a new home or even completing a thorough renovation can be a costly venture. Ensuring the right products and materials are used to complete the job correctly is imperative. Choosing the company with the right mixture of skill and experience to install these materials is crucial in order to obtain the desired results. When choosing the exterior and interior wall coverings for this project, there are several considerations to take into account; durability, flexibility, manageability and of course cost effectiveness. An experienced company specializing in the installation of residential stucco in Lake Stevens will have little problem meeting these considerations.

Benefits of Residential Stucco in Lake Stevens

Durability: Weather patterns frequently fluctuate from extreme heat to extreme cold and from wet and soggy conditions to very dry conditions. When mixed and installed correctly, stucco has proven to be one of the most durable residential wall coverings on the market today withstanding a variety of extreme weather conditions.

Flexibility: It is not unusual for the structures of new build to shift from settling. The use of acrylic stucco provides ample flexibility to minimize the chance of cracking due to this shifting. The flexibility of stucco allows for it to adhere to a number of different substrates of varying shapes and ornamental designs.

Manageability:  For exterior stucco, color can be integrated into the application making it unnecessary to repaint. Periodic washing with a pressure washer would maintain its vibrancy. Interior plaster can be washed and painted as desired. Minor and major cracks, chips and large damage can be repair quite easily by experienced stucco repair technician.

Cost Effectiveness: Its versatility and longevity has made residential stucco a favorite to home builders and developers for many years; the low cost of installation and upkeep will keep it so for many more.

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