An Experienced EIFS Company in Kirkland

An Experienced EIFS Company in Kirkland

February 12, 2015  

EIFS Company in Kirkland

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EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) is becoming an ever increasing popular form of exterior cladding on businesses as well as homes throughout the United States. Despite this popularity, not just any exterior cladding company should be hired to install it. In order to take advantage of the energy efficient nature of the product, it must be installed meticulously correct. If you are building a new home or commercial building or refinishing the old, hiring and experienced, knowledgeable EIFS company in Kirkland is of the utmost importance.

Prior to the year 2000, EIFS itself was considered to be a weather barrier. Following the year 2000, the EIFS industry developed a continuous air/moisture barrier which is installed behind the EIFS, against the supporting structure or substrate. Studies performed in the ensuing years shows EIFS outperforming other types of cladding in regards to moisture resistance while at the same time upholding great insulation performance. If the air/moisture barrier is not installed, or not installed correctly, it will not be in compliance with modern building codes. It must be installed as a continuous barrier along with the EIFS insulation cladding itself.

The popularity of the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is not only due to its upscale appearance, its flexibility in use or the relatively quick speed it can be installed. Along with the energy efficient properties mentioned above, its popularity is also due in part to its environmentally sustainable nature.

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