Advantages of EIFS

Advantages of EIFS

August 27, 2014  

EIFS in SeattleMany local residents desire to improve their homes or businesses exterior with EIFS in Seattle, due to its affordability and long term durability. In Western Washington especially, our climate can often be harsh, most often in the winter time with the frigid cold, and the unrelenting rain storms.

Residents throughout the US will find a number of reasons to benefit from this durable material including return on the initial investment to design and installation flexibility.

What gives it the striking attraction is the similarity to stucco or stone. However, compared to other materials, this system offers increased versatility. With nearly unlimited design flexibility that EIFS offers, it is steadily growing in popularity.

Exterior insulation is a system that makes a great choice because of several advantages it offers:

  1. When installed by professionals, EIFS allows your home to be more energy efficient, saving up to 30 percent on an energy bill.
  2. Over time, the initial costs outweigh the savings derived from it.
  3. Creative Flexibility for design. EIFS can be custom molded to create shapes including columns and arches. Additionally, it can be utilized to mold ornate architectural features and full facades.

Plainly said, EIFS should be considered when you are interested in energy efficiency and design flexibility. A professional EIFS installation company can advise which system is best for you, and what specific design features can be completed based on your building’s construction.

For more information on EIFS in Seattle, or to schedule a consultation today, call J.J. Jefferson at (206)202-9500. Having served Western Washington since 1924, we have considerable expertise and an excellent reputation in the specialty contractor industry.