A First Rate EIFS Service in Mercer Island

A First Rate EIFS Service in Mercer Island

April 23, 2015  

Despite the continued slow rate of economic growth, commercial and residential developments continue to emerge. This possibly due more to need then investment, but emerging none the less. In lieu of this same slow economic growth, many businesses and home owners are choosing to refurbish their existing properties. In both these instances, the owners and/or developers of these properties are looking to maintain top quality workmanship, but stay as cost and energy efficient as possible. When considering the exterior cladding of the home or commercial property, these owners would definitely seek out a first rate EIFS service in Mercer Island.

EIFS Service in Mercer Island

Being one of the most researched claddings in the industry today, EIFS or Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems is quickly becoming one of the most popular products of choice. Its versatility of being able to be attached to most substrates by either adhesive or fasteners and finished in virtually any texture and color makes it attractive to developers. Its high energy rating makes it cost efficient and favorable to any homeowner.

None of these benefits possible of course without the experience of a first rate EIFS service. A complete service capable of ensuring the cladding is installed correctly in order to maintain its high efficiency rating. A service that stands behind the product and their work, capable of making any necessary repairs, large or small. A service that provides open and honest consultation to ensure the service requested is the service delivered.

For more information regarding the many services offered by a first rate EIFS service in Mercer Island, give Joseph J. Jefferson & Son a call today at (206)202-9500. The quality, experience and service you deserve.