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Since 1924 J.J. Jefferson has serviced Western Washington as a Specialty Contractor who offers plaster of all types.

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How Venetian Stucco Repair in Mercer Island Can Be a Major Asset to Your Property

October 20, 2016  

Regardless of whether you have a home or business, it can be quite difficult to properly maintain your property. The reason for this is that the weather can have a major impact on both the exterior and interior walls of your property. The best way to mitigate this risk is to regularly maintain your wall […]

Tips to Finding Commercial Stucco in Mercer Island

October 5, 2016  

When possessing a commercial property, it is important to maintain the stucco regardless of whether it is new or old. It can often be quite challenging to find a commercial stucco construction company in your local area that you can trust. If you are located in the Mercer Island area, it is highly recommended that […]

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Stucco in Redmond

October 3, 2016  

It is important to maintain each and every aspect of your business. Many times, business owners forget the importance of keeping both the exterior and interior walls of their office space looking clean, polished, and professional. If you are a business owner and are located in Redmond, then it is highly recommended that you work […]

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