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Since 1924 J.J. Jefferson has serviced Western Washington as a Specialty Contractor who offers plaster of all types.

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The Ultimate Plaster Service in Lake Stevens

September 21, 2016  

Regardless of whether you are acquiring a new home or office, it is important to consider the interior and exterior walls that you will be using for your space. Additionally, if you are attempting to remodel your space, considering plaster is a great way to enhance the existing walls that you do possess. If you […]

How to Obtain Sensational Venetian Stucco Repair in Tacoma

September 13, 2016  

Obtaining the right kind of stucco repair can be difficult regardless of where you are located. Particularly if you are looking for Venetian stucco repair, finding a contractor that is both qualified and possesses the requisite quality work that you are looking for is exceedingly difficult. If you are located in the Tacoma area, it […]

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