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Since 1924 J.J. Jefferson has serviced Western Washington as a Specialty Contractor who offers plaster of all types.

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Where to Locate the Best Stucco Service in Seattle

July 25, 2016  

If you have a home or a business, there are times when the exterior needs repairs due to weather. Additionally, if you are moving to a new home or business location, there is also a need to install a completely new exterior. One of the best exterior options to consider for continuous rainy weather is […]

Where to Find Plaster Patch in Redmond

July 23, 2016  

One of the realities of being a home owner is that your home is going to need repairs from time to time. Additionally, if you are buying an older home, some repairs may be necessary as well. A common repair is related to plaster patching. If you are located in the Redmond area and are […]

The Most Reliable Stucco Company in Lake Stevens

July 9, 2016  

If you are considering utilizing stucco for the exterior of your home or business, it is important that you take the time to find a high quality contractor for your upcoming project. The reason for this is that you need an expert to work with stucco who can ensure that the coating is even. By […]

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